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  Dec. 2016 Lowrider Scene  

Together Car Club Toy for Tots Car Show

December has always been a month of giving and when it come to generosity the Lowrider Community is one of those that just give and keep on giving. It has been seven years since Together Car Club has been officially having there Toy for Tots Car Shows to drives. Every year for the last seven Together Car Club lives up to their name and bring together a some of the most generous Car Club together for this event. Car Clubs like Solows, Royal Image, Klique, Techniques, Q-VO, Old Times, Timeless Classics, Reality, Veteranos, Cali Built, Good Times, Traffic, Thee Untouchables, High Class, Groupe, East Los Angeles, Thee Artistics, and even Sic Psycles Promotions showed up to support and help out with the Toy Drive. December has always been the month to give to those that are less fortunate this December 4th was once again proof that the Lowrider Community has a big heart of gold when it come to helping those that need a better Christmas day then what they would have had if this guys were not so generous. I personally have to thank everyone that come out to not only bring a smile to a needy child but to also make Sunday December 4th a day we can all be proud of as a community. Special big PROPS to Together Car Club all the DJ’s, and the vendors that were part of this event. Special thanks to DJ Dave Rios, DJ Dave Chilli, DJ Buggsy for keep them jam flowing smoothly all day long.

  June 2016 Lowrider Scene  
Together Car Club Summer Swinging Car Show  
  May 2016 Lowrider Scene  

RD4C Just Memories Summer Cruise

After Just Memories Car & Bike Club had their Summer Cruise this past Sunday at Bob’s Big Boy in Downey. I was left with a question for the lowrider community. So here goes. How do you fit 1,000 cars into the Bob’s Big Boy parking lot? Answer: (You let Just Memories Bike & Car Club have a Summer Cruise there.) OK Okay so it may not have been a 1,000 cars. But it sure looked like 1,000 cars packed into the Bob’s Big Boy parking lot. Every square inch of parking lot space was packed with cars and when I say cars I mean cars. Bob’s Big Boy in Downey has had a huge come back when it comes to having all kinds of different cars at their Wednesday Night Cruise. Just this past Wednesday night Bob’s Big Boy saw the parking lot packed with mostly import cars or what I call Mini Racers. I will post picture from Wednesday along with this post for your enjoyment. Just Memories Summer Cruise had every kind of car show up. I thought that after the Cruise Night at ELA’s Whittier Blvd the night before. Just Memories Summer Cruise would be OK but not packed. Well let me tell you I have never been so wrong. A lot of the Lowrider Peeps that where cruising the night before showed up to Just Memories Summer Cruise on Sunday. The Summer Cruise was a huge success be on what I had imagined. Just Memories C.C. squeezed every inch of parking lot space with cars and lowriding peeps. It was so packed there was little to no space to walk let alone park another car. But even thou it was jammed packed with cars and peeps there was something I had not seen in the Lowrider community in a cool minute. The Brotherhood and Camaraderie that everyone showed towards each other was not what I remember it being like. I sure was made to feel at home at the show by old and new friends. I enjoyed the day and show that all the car owners put on. It is days like this one that make me want to stay forever young. Just so I can build another Lowrider and hit the switches. OK Okay so I am looking for a new project to build and show off. But forget that, I am not here to talk about building me or anyone a Low Low. We are here to see what you that were not able to make it missed and those that did show up enjoy and to keep these pictures for the Memories. Well enjoy the pic’s and the Videos from Saturday’s Night Cruise at Whittier and at the Summer Cruise will be coming shortly. Enjoy and see you at the next show or Cruise.  Magoo




  December 2015 Lowrider Scene  
RD4C 8th Annual Los Angeles Christmas Toy Run  

Togerther CC Toy for Tots Car Show 2015


  January 2015 Lowrider Scene  

Groupe C.C. Car Show

Most Chicanos/Latinos or better said friends of mine like to start the New Year doing bomb things. Like hanging out with friends and family or at least doing something that they really enjoy. Because they believe that whatever your first day is like, it will set the pace for the rest of your year. So as I write this I can not help but think that if I was to believe this. I and everyone that showed up to Groupe’s C.C. New Years Day Custom Car & Bike Charity event will be having a very good 2015 when it comes to enjoying our lifestyle. The event was a HUGE SUCCESS not that it could have turned out any other way. After all this is Groupe Car Club one of the oldest, respected and well known car club by everyone in our lifestyle. Well if the first day of 2015 sets the pace for the rest of the year we will be cruising and just enjoying 2015 our way. Living the Lowrider Lifestyle. Looking forward to seeing all of you out there at the car shows and events. Much love and respect to my gente. Shout out to Danny Soto of Groupe C.C., Mario Zamudio of Imperials C.C.. It was good seeing you again.

  November Lowrider Scene  
Majestic's Toy Drive 2014  
  October Lowrider Scene  
Dia de los Muertos Car Show
Viejitos 1st Annual Car Show  
  September Lowrider Scene  

Ontario 2014 Route 66 Reunion

Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion Weekend 2014 in Ontario, California, was a smashing success by anyone’s standards. Cars began arriving Friday morning for the new annual cruise on September 19th, thru the 21st but the event did not officially begin until the ribbon cutting at 5:00 pm for the new Ontario Town Square and Amphitheater. Mayor Paul Leon did the honors, along with City Council members and special guests Rick and Kelly Dale of History Channel’s “American Restoration” series. Live music by The Little River Band kicked off the festivities following the ribbon cutting, but by that time, the Cruise was already going full-blast on the streets. Historic Euclid Avenue was blocked off to traffic for 9 blocks, which led to over a two mile total cruise. Since there is a median down the center of Euclid, that meant a total of 36 blocks were lined with classic vehicles, 1975 and older. Many of those were set up as “Cruisers” with amazing paint and interior detailing plus, of course, crankin’ sound systems. There was a constant stream of every make, model and pre-’75 year of customized and restored vehicle cruising around the “circuit” and cars kept leaving their parking spots to join the cruise and re-parking to take a break. One of the highlights of the weekend that only happened on Friday night was the “World’s Largest Neon Light Cruise”, with dozens of cars tricked out with special “Cruising Lights” including some neon add-ons for this event. Whether parked on the streets or cruising around the marked lanes by day or night, it looked like the thousands of car enthusiasts and their families had a really great time. Everyone I spoke with said they would definitely be back next year and expected it to be even bigger and better. Reflecting the positive public reaction, President & CEO of the Ontario Convention Center & Visitor’s Bureau Michael Krouse estimated the Reunion attracted approximately 200,000 attendees, or 44% more than last year, and he expects the numbers to keep increasing.

Carson Car Show  

Our Style Car Club Car Show

The Our Style Car Club has been around for quite a few years. It is in no way a new or resent comer to the Lowriding Lifestyle. The one thing about this Car Club that stand out as soon as you read their plague is the name. Our Style and it means what it says, their style. Our Style CC has been riding their way from the start and creation of the club. I for one have to give them a lot of credit, for doing what they do best their way. Most of you may or may not remember Frank Sinatra "old Blue Eyes" had a song that had a verse that said. I did it my way and I for one will live till the day I die with that very same thought. I will do it my way and I give big, huge props to anyone that has that kind off mentality. Our Style has and will always get my respect as a club because when everyone else is running and planning to get ready for the DUB Show they did a car show on the other side of town right in the heart of the Harbor area. Yes they knew it would not be huge or that it would not bring all the Car Clubs down. But they knew that those that don't live by we have to be part of the big pictures would show up and show they did. From clubs like Together CC, Majestics CC, Way of Life CC, La Gente CC to very new clubs that I had never even heard of until I showed up at the Our Style Car Show Sept. 7 they put on a show that all that showed up to enjoy did just that enjoyed, enjoyed and enjoyed a good time. Whatever anyone wants to say we as Lowriders have been doing things our way and Our Style Car Club could almost be the leader of that way of thinking. So I will say great job on your show Our Style Car Club. Doing it the lowrider way.

  August Lowrider Scene  

Little Willie G & Thee Midnigthers

Labor Day weekend was a three day holiday and we took advantage of that time to party, party and party. We were none stop from thursday night to Monday afternoon. On Sunday we took the time to go to the Little Willie G. & Thee Midnighters concert. The whole concert was great from Rocky Padilla performance to Little Willie G performance. The place was packed to packed if you ask me but I still enjoyed the concert with comp tickets that we got from the Majestic to the free food that came with the tickets it was all good. I would have love it more if Little Willie G had not gone in to a Ray Charles tribute but when you get a pair 30 dollar comp tickets you just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. So now it is your turn to enjoy the pictures


Majestics End of Summer Car Show

The Labor Day Holiday marks the end of summer and most people like to take advantage of the three day weekend to give summer a big send off. Or they just use the holiday as an excuse to party for three days. This year the Majestics Car Club decided to end the summer and cerebrate the labor day holiday weekend with a car show and just like all the other events happening on this past labor day weekend. It got a very good responce. The lowrider community came out to support and enjoy the weekend celebration. Many car clubs from around the LA area as well as other counties near and far came out to enjoy the car show festivities.


Uptown Whittier Classic Car Show

Uptown Whittier has been host to the Uptown Whittier Classic Car Show now for 14 years and counting. As you can see from the banner the show started out as a classic car, Car Show but in the last 14 years it has grown to include everything from Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Motorcycles, Lowriders and of course classic cars. With over seven total streets closed off for the show. It gets to be one of the better shows in the LA area. Unfortunately because of the success of this show it is also very hard for us to get clean pictures of all the cars that show to participate. So our number of pictures are few. Not because there are not that many cars worth taking pictures of. But because of all the people that show up to enjoy the show is in the tens of thousands. And believe me when I tell you that most people are to busy admiring all the cars and never notice that we are trying to take pictures so they stand right in front of us or get right in the picture. I of course also get into the show, so much that we do our best but don't shoot as many pictures as I would like to. But the few that we did take I am pretty sure you will enjoy.

Budweiser Super Show Denver CO.


Well the Ralph B.'s Budweisers Show Super in Denver CO. was a huge succes and even though we wanted to go, we had to many other events that we were committed to here in LA but our good Lowrider Hunnies friend Teresa Serrato was able to stop by and take a few snaps of some of the cars that showed up to show. Here are a few for you to enjoy. Denver is keeping it real with our Lowrider ways. Many thanks toTeresa Serrato our new Lowrider Hunnies freelance photographer.

  July Lowrider Scene  

Imperials Car Club Car Show July 20th


When you hear the word Imperials and you live in LA the are two things that come to your mind. One is little Anthony and the Imperials. The other is the Imperials Car CLubwhich was made famousby one of their cars being in the opening segment to a sircom on TV. That car was Gypsies Rose and it made the Imperials Car Culub world reowned but in the Lowrider world if you hear the word Imeprials you know that we are talking about the Imperials Car Club. And there is one thing that as a lowrider you will do when the Imeprials Car Club has a car show. And that is attend participate or just be part of the event in what ever way you can. We atLowrider Hunnies would not miss any event or car show put on by the Imperials. Cause almost all the Car Clubs local to LA will show and show they did on July the 20th. There were so many clubs that we did our best to cover as best we could but there were just to many cars so if we missed your club banner or plague will tried but the day was just not long enough. Enjoy and see you all at the next Imeprials Car Show.

  June Lowrider Scene  

Majestic Chino's B-Day Party

Chino from the Majestics Car Club celebrates his birthday with family and friends. And of course most of the members from the his chapter showed up. Deleno and Central Cali Majestics where also in the house representing. Rocky Padilla and his band rocked the house all night long playing an extended set for Chino. No story here just good times with good friends and family. Enjoy.


Hydros vs Airbags

Ok Lowrider Peeps after one of our videographers saw this video that we shared Air bags vs Hydro's we had to know what was the real out come to this battle. So we called on a man that was at the beginning of all this dance contest at the car shows. This man almost wrote the book on car dancing. He has been semi retired from the lowriding sport for about 20 years but we believe in what he has to say. Below is the verdict that Fred (Magoo) Tapia owner of Magoo's Original ( a hydraulic shop ) and also an original member of The Majestic's CC. This man was installing hydraulics in cars since 1968 or somewhere around that time well that is what we heard.

This is what Magoo wrote about the Air Bag vs Hydros. Follow the link to read more.   



Majestics CC Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon

These pictures are from the event the Majestics CC Inc. had at Steven's Steak House last Oct. Yes it took us a while to post but here you go enjoy. Better late then never Ok we have been very busy trying to get some layout and some interviews with a few special people that we think you may enjoy. We know that you will enjoy the layout for sure Anyway a Special thanks to DinoBomb Squad CC, La Style CC , No Regrets CC , Techniques CC , Teamsters Local 630 and last but not least the Majestics CC.

  May Lowrider Scene  

Norwalk Summer Shabang

The sponsors of this Car Show asked the lowrider community to come out and help raise money and support a good cause. It was billed as a fundraiser for leukemia and they called it a Summer Shabang. Well we were technically are a few days short of summer but that did not make a difference. A Shabang it was and the turn out was to have expected from the BIG HEARTED Lowrider community. Everyone that could have made it was there. The car clubs that were representing and supporting were to many for me to make an accurate list but this is what I remember. The Classic's CC, Reflections CC, Viejitos CC, Together CC, Old Memories CC, Devotions CC, Classic Dreams CC, Majestics CC, Groupe CC, Q-VO Artistics CC, Stylistics CC, Pharaohs CC, Millenium CC, Emotions CC, Blvd Bombs CC, Dukes CC, and last but not least Mexicanos MC. If I missed or forgot a Car Clubs that was representing, please let me know and I will add you to these list. Which I am sure I missed a few, so let me know. Well if you were there you know it was a huge success and if you were not there. Not only was it a huge success we had a blast and that is why I can not remember everyone that showed up. But one thing I will not forget, as always the Lowrider community has stood up and supported what is right and charitable.

          Youtube Video


Ernie Lopez Birthday Party @ Steven's Steak House

Ernie Lopez of  The Majestic's CC Inc. celebrates his Birthday at Steven's Steak House along with a few other people.



Club Radicals @ Ignacio's Sports Bar & Grill

Well there were two things that I was certain of on May 3rd. One was don't bet on the fight. I knew that no matter what happened, Floyd Mayweather would steal the fight even if he got manhandled by Maidana. Which Maidana did manhandle and school Floyd Mayweather for 6 to 7 rounds of the fight. Two words I have for that fight FIXED FIGHT enough said. The other certain was that Club Radicals was going to be of the hook! With Ignacio's Sport Bar & Grill being the location for the May 3rd Club Radicals I knew that it was going to be standing room only. By the time I got to Ignacio's there were no empty chairs anywhere in the place. Once the fight was over very few disappointed fight fans left but with half an hour of the fight finishing there was a line and a crowd waiting outside of Ignacio's there to join the on going Club Radicals Pre Cinco de Mayo Celebration. With DJ Destruction and DJ Jerry Undernite first to mix the dance music the places was jumping within minutes of the end of the fight. One other thing was certain this past Saturday Club Radicals is the place to be if you want to have a good time dancing and just hanging with good friends. A BIG special shout out to all the promoters and supporters of Club Radicals. Burt Flores, Mayo Weekend Boy Salazar, Abel Silva, Barbie Alegria, Sloe Poke, Jerry Undernite, Jorge MayanGod Pivaral, Eddie B Barrientos Orellana, Anthony Pretend, Martin Castaneda, Tony Cortez, Sal B. Banuelos, Elaine Castellon, DJ's Anthony Pretend. You guys out did yourself once again. Oh I almost forgot HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elaine Castellon. The pictures are posted just follow the link as always. See you on the flip side Charlie the SoCal PartyScene animal.

  April Lowrider Scene  

G & T Entertainment's Spring Concert

The long awaited Spring Concert featuring Malo, Chico and Thee Mad Latins produced by G&T Entertainment and sponsored by the Majestics CC Inc. was a huge success. It was standing room only with in 30 minutes of Steven Steak House opening it's doors to the crowd waiting outside to enjoy a night of dancing to the sounds of Thee Mad Latins, Chico and Malo. Car Clubs from all over the LA area were in attendance but Dino's Bomb Squad and Sons of Souls were deep in the house. I had to much fun to have taken notes so I don't have much to write about on this one. Well that is what happens when the music is go and I have a great time. Sorry if you wanted a long story about the event you should have been there to have enjoyed it first hand. But for those that were there here are pictures from that night. Enjoy and hope to see you at the next event.

  Febuary Lowrider Scene  

East Los All Stars @ Steven's Steak House

Well here it is day three of one great weekend. If you don't know who these bands were, Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano, then you won't care about his event. But if you even remember any of these names then Steven's Steak House is the place to be at every Sunday for brunch. These are just a few of the pictures I took last Sunday but forget the pictures you got to see it live cause there is nothing like feeling the music live nothing. Ray Carrion and The East Los All Stars put on one hell of a performance. The admission price is worth three fold because you get to eat a very good brunch served by Steven's Steak House then you get to hear great music played by some of the greats from bands that made music history. If you love music you will love to hear the greats from Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano. An event to enjoy on a Sunday Afternoon listening to greta music with old friends. See there next Sunday.


Majestic's CC Inc. Sponsor East Los All Stars feat. Rocky Padilla

Well here is just another of the Sunday brunch events that The Majestic's CC Inc. are hosting at Steven Steak House. It seem that Ray Carrion and the East Los All Stars are a favorite bands for these events at Steven's. But then again why won't they be a favorite to these events since the band member that now form East Los All Stars are just that. All Stars in thier onw right with musician coming from bands like Tierra, War, Thee Mid Nighters, El Chicano and many other great bands that have made music history. Why wouldn't they be favorites? Well this event along with many more event are plan to be hosted by the Majestic's CC Inc. at Steven's so if you like thiese kinda of music and want to enjoy great music by some very talented great musician just keep checking back in our events page so see what is coming.

  Sept. Lowrider Scene  

VEE-DUB-VEEDA Car Club Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon

When you talk about Car Club unity you have to think about all the Volks Wagon Car Clubs in the LA area. This past Sept 29 at Steven Steak House was the place to have experience what I am calling VW Nation. It was a site to see, every type of VW was being represent that day at Steven's with almost every VW Car Club being represented by at least one or two cars. It got jam packed inside Steven's for brunch. VEE-DUD-VEEDDA Car Club was host to this event and it was one huge success. The VW Car Clubs are more family oriented and they brought their kids and other family members so it almost got to were you had to wait in line for the buffet style brunch for at least 15 minutes. But we had fun that day with the music that DJ Tony Shout played and all the dancing, drinking, raffles and the trophies presentation. Lowrider Hunnies would like to thank all that showed up to the event. You all were great and we look forward to the next time you have another event at Steven or any other place were we can show up and give your event coverage.


Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon with the Solitos Car Club

Solitos Car Club hosted thier Sunday Cruise at Steven's Staek House on the 22th of Sept. The vejitos Car Club, Artistic Car Club, Q-VO Car Club along with the Majestics Car Club and a few independents showed up represent. With the support of family and friends Solitos Car Club had a huge success with thier Sunday Cruise at Steven's. The Solitos Car Club has a strong membership were every member will show up to a planned event with any of thier car even the one at are still a work in progress. The only car that they dont bring are the one that are not driveble at the time of the event. The Solitos Car Club seem to have a very thight knit familia feel to thier club unlike other car club were it is just a car club. Eveyone in attendens had a good time with the food and music that DJ Tony played all afternoon. Well enjoy the pic's and we hope to see you all at the next event at Steven's Cruising on a SUnday Afternooon .

  August Lowrider Scene  

Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon with the Classic Dreams Car Club

Well Jerome & Associates along with the Classic Dreams Car Club hosted the second Sunday Cruise Brunch event at Steven's Steak House this 25th of Aug. With little to no effort from the Clacssic's Dreams CC or Jerome & Ass. the event was a huge success. It was not huge as in people in attendance, but a very good turn out with little promotional effort. A huge success in that all the clubs in attendance had and are planning on having more fun in the planned up coming events at Steven's Steak House in the next few weeks.  The Cadillac Kings were representing very nicely with a hand full of Cadillac, they showed their pride in well restored Lowrider Cadillacs one in particular was a beauty. You be the judge when you look at the pictures from the event, let's see if you can pick the one I liked best. The Qualifiers from Norwalk were also in the house representing strong with a couple of very well restored and custom rods. The El Camino had a very nice history to it. The owner Mr. Mendoza told us that his father bought it brand spanking new and he got it when his father passed away in 2010. Well Mr. Jimmie Mendoza left his son a beautiful car to remember him by which he restored and beefed up very nicely. Check it out a very nice ELCO. The other hot rod that the Qualifiers showed at the event is a monster of a rod with Viagra injected into the fuel system for added kick to the motor to turn those RPM's up well I know if I still would be street racing I would think twice before I put any money down against this rod. But for now just look at the pic's I took of the rod and wait for the lay out we are planning on doing on the rod and it's history also a nice read even if it is not one like the ELCO's story it will still be a nice read. Now the side kicks to the Classic Dreams CC were almost in full force. Not all their cars showed because like all Car Clubs some are under construction. I know you haven't forgot that is always an on going story with all car clubs, there is at least one or two cars still in the works. But the Solitos Car Club showed a strong presence with most of their cars. We are also in the works in having a couple of layouts on some of their cars so stay tuned. A couple of independents were in the house or at least that is what I was told on a 56 Nomad. What a beauty check that ride out he is also going to get a layout and video feature so for now just look at the pretty pictures. Just kidding don't get all hurt cause i am joking. Anyway the Classic Dreams Car Club were in full effect on Sunday check them out. And last but not least the Majestic Car Club was in the house. Yes I left them for the end so no one will say I am playing favorites since I am an original member of the original Majestic's Car Club Norwalk Chapter. Sorry guys I hear some peeps are trying to say that their chapter was first. But the Norwalk Chapter with little John as president was and will always be the original Majestic chapter. Anyway check out the pretty pictures. JK I am just kidding in case you don't know what JK means. Peace out. send feed back or any thing you got to say to Special request for media coverage or anything send to this e-mail address  Oh oh O DJ Tony Shout did a great job of spinning some oldies for the lowrider peeps.






Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon

The GoodFellas/L.A. Wise Guys Car Club were host to Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon on August 4th at Steven's Steak House in the City of Commerce. Jerome & Associates Entertainment has been having events, parties and other misc. functions at Steven's Steak House. The August 4th Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon event was to be the first of many Lowrider events that J&A Ent. is planning to have at Steven's Steak House. As of this writting there is already an August 25th Cruising on a Sunday Afternoon event in the making. The GoodFellas/L.A. Wise Guys Car Club were host to the OG Classics Car Club, Q-VO, Artistic Car Club, Just Memories Car Club, Solitos Car Club, Raidernation Car Club just to name a few. There were some other clubs in the house but I didn't get to write down their names. So if we missed you please check in with us at the next event so we can give you proper props on our write up. The Clubs all had a good time eating the buffet and listening to the music mixed by DJ Tony Shout.

The Pictures from inside                  The Pictures from outside


Old Memories Car Club Car Show at Cerritos College

Well not much to tell here, except that like usual Cerritos College was host to the Old Memories Car Show this August 4th. It Seems that just about every Car Club was representing at the show. The one Car Club that told it all was The Sons of Soul Car Club which I had not personaly seen in decades. So when you see that Car Club flying colors at a show or any other event you know that they had a good turn out.


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